What Bac-Flo Unlimited students have said...

"Good presentation, pertinent information. Never boring".

"Course was very insightful. Instructors have plenty of knowledge about cross connections and testing. Were very patient and humble".

"Very thorough class, good hands on training".

"I'm surprised by the amount of information I learned in the short amount of time. I look forward to future dealings with Bac-Flo Unlimited".

"The instructors did a great job explaining the material. I had a great experience with Bac-Flo Unlimited and will send friends and family here".

"The entire course, instruction and material is in a class to its self, first class. Will recommend...".

"I appreciate that Troy and Fred are always ready and willing to help with problems that backflow testers face in the field".

"Instructors presented material in a professional manner and made the learning process very easy".

"Very good class. Laid back atmosphere made it easy to learn all of the information".

"Very good and informative class, good hands on training with a relaxed testing atomosphere. I recommend this class".

"Outstanding presentation of material in a manner that helps everyone to understand the principles and theories of backflow prevention".

"This was the best course I have ever taken. Very informative and fun at the same time".