'Bac-Flo-5' Backflow Gauge Test Kit

Bac-Flo Unlimited 'Bac-Flo-5' Backflow Gauge Test Kit
WILKINS Model TG-5 Differential Backflow Pressure Precision Gauges


Built to N.I.S.T. standards...

Wilkins TG-5 backflow test kit.

$757.00. Includes 'date you buy' gauge certification report!

Each gauge is designed and built to national specifications and is the same proven instrument used by hundreds of students in backflow training courses around the United States. Your gauge will have been tested and certified twice to N.I.S.T. verification standards before shipment and includes a laminated gauge calibration report referring to the serial number and testing company's information as required by local jurisdications. Industry best 5-year manufacturer warranty included!


  • Their MSRP: $1267.00

  • Your total price:  $757.00


Comes certified free of charge with customized gauge certification report.

Special purchase price of $757.00 with free shipping. 

Discounteded Bac-Flo Unlimited 'Bac-Flo-5' Premium Backflow Test Kit. Same reliable and accurate gauge used by hundreds of students in our backflow training courses. Includes gauge, hoses, fittings and case.

The Bac-Flo Unlimited 'Bac-Flo-5' Backflow Prevention Assembly Test Kit is designed for testing all brands of Reduced Pressure Principle Backflow Prevention Assemblies, Double Check Valve Assemblies, Pressure Type Vacuum Breakers and Spill-Resistant Vacuum Breakers. The Bac-Flo-5 is capable of performing all known testing procedures including those recommended by the Foundation of Cross Connection Control and Hydraulic Research at USC.


  • Maximum working pressure 200 psi

  • Working temperature range 35° F to 150° F

  • Gauge body of engineered thermoplastic material

  • Gauge dial: 4 1/2” diameter, 0-15 P.S.I. scale (75 divisions)

  • 200 psi line pressure gauge dial

  • Accuracy: +/- 0.2 P.S.I.D. (descending)

  • Valves: soft-seated needle with replaceable seats (5 total)

  • Hoses & end fittings: (3) color coded 5' lengths,  (1) 4’ long clear bleed tube, SAE 45° flare fittings, 90 micron cleanable porous metal (brass) filters

  • 5 year warranty against defects in materials and manufacturing

  • Durable carrying case with external fitting compartments



  • Case material Molded Plastic

  • Gauge body Thermoplastic

  • Fittings Brass (NPT & SAE)

  • Internals EP Elastomers

  • 316 Stainless Steel

  • Brass

  • Hose Buna Nitrile liner and jacket


The Bac-Flo Unlimited 'Bac-Flo-5' Backflow Prevention Assembly Test Kit is subjected to calibration testing conforming to standards traceable to the National Bureau of Standards. It is recommended that gauges be rechecked for acceptable accuracy tolerances annually. WILKINS is not liable for shifts in calibration other than caused by defects.


  • The Bac-Flo-5 Differential Backflow Pressure Gauge is capable of testing the following backflow prevention devices:

  • Reduced Pressure Principle Assembly

  • Double Check Valve Assembly

  • Pressure Vacuum Breaker

  • Spill-Resistant Vacuum Breaker

QT-SET Quick Test Fitting Set

High side hose, low side hose, bypass hose, high side control needle valve, low side control needle valve, bypass control needle valve, high side bleed needle valve, low side bleed needle valve, bleed hose, in-line tube filters

The Backflow Prevention Test Kit shall be a 5 valve pressure differential type. The test kit shall comprise of a 4 1/2” dial set in a thermoplastic housing with a 0 to 15 P.S.I. scale (0.2 P.S.I.D. Increments) and an accuracy of +/- 0.2 P.S.I.D. (Descending). The test kit shall incorporate 5 color coded resilient seated needle valves with SAE flare fittings and 3 color coded pressure hoses (5 ft. lengths). The test kit shall include a hard plastic case, calibration certificate and a laminated instruction sheet. The Backflow Prevention Test Kit shall be a WILKINS Model TG-5.

How you save with us:

  • Their MSRP: $1267.00

  • Total Price:  $757.00 (5 yr. warranty and shipping incl.)

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